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By 2penn, Jul 18 2019 03:17PM

With the threat of Global Warming becoming more of a reality by day, Solar Panels are becoming the answer to a question about how cut energy usage and costs. These roofs are an effective way to harness renewable resources.

In addition to harnessing what nature already offers, there are many other benefits that come with installing a Solar Panel Roof.

Benefits of Solar Roofing

1. The roof saves you money. Making this switch can help to save you thousands of dollars over the course of many years. With extra money saved on your roof, you will have money to save, or perhaps to invest in another part of your home.

2. The energy is reliable and secure. We all know the sun will rise and fall daily, and this provides us with an energy source we can count on.  In regards to being secure, the sun isn’t something up for purchase and trade. There are no political issues related to harnessing the sun’s power.

3. Investing in the sun’s power will create jobs!

The Downside of Solar Roofing

While the benefits of the sun’s power are plentiful, there is one slight disadvantage.

Even as the sun can be reliable, it can also be unreliable. If you have some days that are cloudy, the panels will not produce any electricity, and you will have to use a backup method to provide some power. (This could be batteries, candles or lights) Sadly, this tells us that we can’t be 100% powered by sunlight, just yet. Even though this disadvantage MIGHT sway some people, consider this: The sun often shines during the day when people are using electricity. During the middle of the night, many people are sleeping and not likely using their lights.

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With new light being shed on solar roofs, hopefully you will consider investing soon! Contact Two Penn Painting and Roofing today at 978-297-4617!

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