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By 2penn, Jul 9 2020 08:15PM

Summer is one of the best times of the year to complete home improvement projects. It also gives homeowners the idea to take on some of these projects themselves. Small projects around the house like landscaping and cleaning out gutters are good projects to get done yourself. More complicated and technical jobs should be left for the professionals, though. They've got years of training and experience that allows them to get jobs done more efficiently and safely. Attempting projects yourself can leave you injured, over-budget, and behind schedule. Here are some home improvement projects that should be left for the pros.


While you may be able to spot some issues with your roof yourself, that doesn't mean that you're equipped to fix them yourself. Roofs are complex and impact many other parts of your home. That's why a professional inspection goes a long way. Preventative maintenance can help prevent future costly repairs; doing it yourself could make issues worse. It's dangerous to climb on ladders and be on a roof if you're not used to it, and let's face it; most people aren't. A roofing installation can last a long time, even in New England, but that's only if it's installed properly. If you do a subpar job, you'll end up calling professional roofing; it's best to call a pro the first time and save your money.


Painting is one of the most popular jobs that homeowners attempt to do themselves. It can be pretty obvious when a painting project isn't professionally done. It takes skill to be able to perform a job that will last and look neat. Exterior painting can be especially tricky, like roofing, it brings ladders and heights into the equation. It also requires painting equipment beyond a brush and roller to do a high-quality job. A painter will be able to a do a noticeably better job that requires fewer touchups. Spare rooms or closets can be painted yourself, but professionals should paint the outside of your home and the rest of the interior to give your home a beautiful appearance.


Things like siding, trim, and areas around windows and doors are at the forefront of your home's look. It's important that these details look as good as your roof and windows. Especially if you live in a historic or classic home, it takes a true craftsman skill to build solutions that look natural.

Home improvement projects are always great ways to make your home more comfortable and boost its value, but you don't want to cut corners. Don't forget to hire a professional contractor for risky and high-skilled projects like these. Contact our team at Two Penn Painting & Roofing at 978-729-4617 or using our contact form.

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