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By 2penn, Nov 1 2019 03:35PM

There are plenty of ways to get your home ready for the impending winter season, but one of the main areas you should focus on going into the cold months is your roof. After all, your roof experiences the brunt of the harsh weather conditions thrown at it for roughly half the calendar year. To ensure a strong roof throughout the winter, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do before winter arrives…

Clean Gutters

The more leaves and debris that settle in your gutter system, the more the downspout gets clogged. When your gutters are clogged, rain and runoff water can overflow the gutters and in turn do some real damage to your roof, trim, and siding. If things get particularly dire, the weight of the wet debris and water could cause the gutters to pull free from the anchor point or collapse entirely. To prevent this from happening, keep gutters relatively clear throughout the fall and then do a heavy cleaning once the trees surrounding your home are bare. If you would like to prevent collection of debris in general, you can opt to have gutter screens or guards installed.

Clear Debris from Your Roof

When clearing off your roof, it’s important to remove all leaves, pine needles, and other debris from the surface. If you leave behind bits of debris that stand the chance to hold moisture, you’re allowing the possibility of rot or mold to sink their claws into your roofing material. If you’re experienced enough to be walking up on your roof, you can blow the collected debris on your roof away. Be sure to clear the valleys of your roof so as to allow proper water flow.

Inspect for Roof Damage

Once your roof is clean, give it a thorough inspection for missing shingles or shingles with frayed, curled, or cracked edges. It’s not a bad idea to also look for damaged flashing around vent stacks, chimneys, and skylights since these are areas often plagued by leaks. Keep in mind that repairing the flashing on your own might not provide the results you expect, so it’s often best to leave those repairs to the professionals.

Two Pen Painting and Roofing

Utilize these tips now to ensure your roof is ready for the impending winter season. Keeping your roof in good shape for winter time will give you peace of mind that it’s ready to protect your and your family against whatever weather is thrown at it. If you discover a problem that requires more of a professional touch, contact the team here at Two Penn. Call us at 978-729-4617 or fill out our online contact form!

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