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General Construction & Roof Repair in North Hampton, NH

North Hampton is a town located in Rockingham County, NH, and was originally settled back in 1639. Occupying a total area of just over 14 square miles, neighboring towns include Rye, Hampton, Stratham, and Exeter. Recent census information puts the population at roughly 4,300 people, with over 1,600 home in the area. With a good number of residents and homes of all ages, the residents of North Hampton, NH, need a roofing, painting, and construction service to handle all of their home needs. 2 Penn is proud to lend their services to the denizens of North Hampton, NH.


If your roof is in bad shape and you need a full fledged replacement, our team will take care of the job and have your home back to being highly efficient. If you want to add on or improve the interior and exterior of your home, we can help you out there too. We offer a wide variety of home services and maintain a team of skilled professionals focused on delivering quality work.


If you’re a resident of North Hampton, NH, and would like to get some work done on your home, call us here at 2 Penn. We can be reached at 978-729-4617 or by filling out an online contact form.