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Sunapee is a town located in Sullivan County, New Hampshire. It is one of the smaller towns in New Hampshire with around 3,300 people calling it home. Sunapee is a popular tourist destination in both the summer and winter. Folks find their way to the calm and pleasant Lake Sunapee during the summer and to Mount Sunapee during the winter for ski trips.




Two Penn Panting and Roofing is always just a call away for painting, roofing, gutter, and deck services. With harsh weather conditions hitting Sunapee during the winter, many folks may be in need of services to repair there homes. Two Penn Painting and Roofing is proud to provide the 1400 households and 1000 families with those services!




Two Penn Painting and Roofing provides a variety of different services to our customers giving them the ability to get multiple home repair services from the same company!


•Roof Replacement

•Window Replacement



•Interior and Exterior Painting





If you are in need of roofing, painting, or any of our others services, give Two Penn Painting and Roofing a call today!

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